Clothesline in Winter

Clothesline in Winter

Attention Christmas shoppers!

As I write this, there are only 18 shopping days left till Christmas, and I've almost missed Hanukkah entirely.  But regardless, it's the most wonderful time of the year -- certainly for catalog merchants.

Before we go too far, you can skip the rest and go straight the the Catalog Choice website and get yourself off all the unwanted catalog mailing lists as you like.  Here's the address:

Back to catalogs: we get stacks of them, don't you?  An estimated 17 billion catalogs were sent to Americans last year.  We wondered what that actually meant in terms of our Father's world.  For starters 17 billion catalogs means a lot of trees get cut down.  (I can't even think about the fuel emissions and other impacts of ink, coatings, printing and shipping!) Back to trees: One average pine makes about 805 lbs of paper.  And an average size L.L. Bean catalog weighs about a half pound.  So a bit of quick arithmetic, and we've got 9.5 million trees being cut down for our catalogs every year, most of which we toss into the recycle bin.

At Good Hand Farm, we planted about a dozen trees last year.  But what if we could save a million of them?  Well, we can -- or we can help.  There's a great website you can go to to get off catalog mailing lists.  You get to choose which ones.  It's called Catalog Choice.  Here's the link.  Try it! 

 And have a wonderful Christmas!!