Clothesline in Winter

Clothesline in Winter

Try This Water Filter!

You already know how nuts it makes us that we consume so much bottled water – and so many plastic bottles.   As a country, we consume 29 BILLION plastic water bottles per year.  And at a retail price of $1.25 for a 20-ounce bottle of Dasani, that’s $8 per gallon – more than twice as expensive as a gallon of gas.  Have we gone crazy?

The PUR 198-Cup Dispenser/Filter
Not only that, but making the bottles takes petroleum.  Here’s the simplest way to think about it.  Fill a plastic bottle one-quarter full of oil: that’s how much of the gunk it took to make the bottle alone.  And that’s not the end of the story: the water gets shipped from distant places, including – of all places – the Fiji Islands, using that much more oil.  And once your bottle is in the land fill, it leaches chemicals into the soil and ground water for generations.

What about the health benefits?  According to the Food and Drug Administration, federal standards for bottled water are almost identical to those for tap water. As a result, neither one is significantly cleaner than the other.

Still, we want our tap water to be cleaner, to deal with real or imagined ills.  Well, last week, we bought a filter that we really like. It’s the PUR 18-Cup Dispenser/Filter.  It seems to be just the thing for us.

     1.  It holds plenty water, the lack of which is a sore point for pitcher filters.
2.    It fits easily in the fridge.
3.    The dispenser is easy for anyone to use, including kids.
4.    It filters out lots of things, including lead and chlorine, and gets rid of some minor tastes in our well water.

The unit costs less than $27. You replace the filters every 2 months, and they cost $8-9 apiece.  Compare this to the cost of water delivery services or buying all those little bottles.  PUR estimates that people save $750 per year.  We don’t vouch for their numbers, but money isn’t the only thing you’re saving.
So click on the link above or below, start drinking good water again.  And let’s stop consuming all those bottles and all that oil.